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Who we are?

Wholesale Beauty is a dedicated digital platform between us and our customers to share the numerous possibilities of campaigns and promotions and to invent together the beauty of tomorrow and reinvent the shape of cross-border eCommerce.

What is our purpose?

Our business model comes in support of medium and big companies that activate in the beauty industry.

There is a popular saying in terms of knowledge: “We`ve seen it all and done it all!” Such an all-encompassing remark is not how we see our past, nor the experiences we have faced in our business. Each experience is unique.

Indeed, during all our years of business we have faced some interesting situations. We have learned from our losses, figured out impossible solutions, and came to terms with disappointments. But mostly we have very much enjoyed both the good and the bad that has transformed our company into the resilient business that it is today.

What our Customers say

“The dynamic discounts give us an edge over other distributors in our market. Deliveries are always on time, and the items arrive in great condition. Wholeheartedly recommending them!”

Anonymous, General Manager @ Wholesale Distribution Company, EU

“Their Fast Delivery Program has become our go-to for any fire sale campaigns. Stock arrives very fast, and they always resolved any questions or concerns that we had.”

Anonymous, CEO @ Online Beauty & Care Store, EU

“They have the largest stock of quality perfumes from all of our partners, and have helped us increase our offer significantly. Great service!”

Anonymous, CEO @ Brick-and-Mortar Perfume Retail Chain, Saudi Arabia

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